Minnesota is set to hold caucuses on Tuesday, February 27, 2024. For the Republican Party of Minnesota, caucuses are an important first step in a two-year process that steers the future for every political unit from your own neighborhood all the way to the Republican National Committee.  If you want to drive change, our caucuses are where you start.

The Senate District 45 Republicans have yet to name volunteers to serve as the Convener for several Precincts who will start the caucus on time, read the script, and have power to appoint a secretary to record certain key information to ensure your precinct holds a valid and effective caucus. Conveners also are likely to be elected to serve as chair of the caucus and/or the precinct.  The actual duties are minimal, but the importance is critical. Further, we'll even provide all of the materials, including a script and will provide as much (or as little) training as you desire.

The position is available on a first-come first-served basis so don't wait until Wednesday's deadline to submit this form if you are interested.



Will you sign up?
or Text CONVENE to +19522432982 to join