One of the most common questions we receive is "when is the next election for [insert position here]?"

This page is meant to quickly address common questions about elections for positions that should directly serve some or all of our Senate District.

If you're just interested in who/what will appear on your next ballot, then feel free to visit Minnesota Secretary Of State - What's On My Ballot?.

  • Members of the Minnesota State Senate serve four-year terms and are not subject to term limits.

    Our next opportunity to elect a NEW Senator who better represents Senate District 45 would have been in 2026. However, our state senator resigned to recognize that she's been campaigning for an "upgrade" while purporting to still serve our senate district.

    A special election has been declared and voters in Senate District 45 have the unique opportunity to elect a Republican to fill the vacant seat on November 5, 2024. No other senate seat is up for election so the spotlight will be on Senate District 45 this fall.

  • Members of the Minnesota State Legislature server two-years terms and are not subject to term limits.

    Rep. Andrew Myers (R) was elected to serve House District 45A in 2022 and we have a terrific opportunity to maintain strong representation for 45A in 2024.

  • Members of the Minnesota State Legislature server two-years terms and are not subject to term limits.

    Our next opportunity to elect a NEW State Representative who better represents House District 45B will be in 2024.

  • Visit the Hennepin County Elections Webpage for current information and further details.  Including a list of offices that will appear on your 2024 ballot.

    County Commissioner: Approves the annual county budget, determines the county’s tax levy, appoints the county administrator and authorizes personnel rules. They also work on long-range planning and capital improvements, authorize the use of state and federal grants, adopt county laws and fill early vacancies of county attorney and sheriff. Nonpartisan

    County Sheriff: Executes all processes, writs, precepts, and orders issued or made by lawful authority. The county sheriff investigates recreational vehicle crashes involving personal injury or death that occur outside the boundaries of a municipality. They serve all papers, post all notices named by law to be served or posted on behalf of the state or of the county, and maintain the charge and custody of the county jail. Nonpartisan

    County Attorney: Provides legal services to the county. They prosecute felony crimes and all cases involving juvenile offenders, oversee juvenile diversion programs, and aid the victims and witnesses who play a vital role in the criminal justice system. The county attorney advises victims of their legal rights and the status of their case, starts legal proceedings to protect the health and safety of vulnerable adults within the county, and brings actions to obtain or enforce child support obligations. Nonpartisan

    County Park Commissioner: Seven members make up the Three Rivers Park District Board of Commissioners, five of whom are elected from districts in suburban Hennepin County and two of whom are appointed by the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners. The park commissioners are responsible for the acquisition, development, and maintenance of large parks, wildlife sanctuaries, historical sites, forests and other reserves, and means for public access to lakes, rivers, and streams and to other natural phenomena for the benefit and the use of the citizens of suburban Hennepin County and the metropolitan area. Nonpartisan

  • Click here for more information on city council elections for cities within the borders of Senate District 45.

  • Click here for a more specific listing of school boards operating within Senate District 45.