If you have any interest in serving as a Precinct Officer, then you are encouraged to notify your Convener as early as possible on Caucus Night so they can adapt their approach accordingly.

During this portion of the meeting, participants in the Precinct Caucus have an opportunity to seek election, and to vote for, the offices of Precinct Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and if desired, Treasurer, in each case to serve for a two-year term ending at the next Republican Precinct Caucuses to be held in 2026.

  • Yes, you may nominate yourself.
  • No, you cannot be nominated against your will (you must accept the nomination).
  • Unlike Delegate/Alternate Nominations, you must be physically present to be nominated to serve as a Precinct Officer.
  • A description of the basic responsibilities of Precinct Officers is available here.
  • It is common, and encouraged, for your Caucus Convener and/or Caucus Chair to seek election to serve as Precinct Chair and the same goes for the Caucus Secretary seeking election to serve as Precinct Secretary.
  • If there are no candidates for a Precinct Officer position, then you are encouraged to run.  But it is possible for the positions to remain unfilled. To ensure a fully functioning BPOU, please help us avoid vacancies in the positions of Precinct Chair or Precinct Secretary.
  • If you prefer to share responsibilities, we highly encourage Chair/Vice Chair pairings over Co-Chairs, even if your Precinct has a tradition of co-chairs.

According to the caucus procedures prescribed by Minn. Stat. § 202A.18, Subd. 2, nominations for the election of Precinct Officers must be left open for at least the first "quarter hour" of the caucus.

Uncontested Precinct Officer Election(s)

Often, the nominees for election to serve as Precinct Officers are negotiated among interested persons and become uncontested. If there are multiple persons interested in running for any single office, then see the Contested Precinct Officer Election(s) discussion below.

When only one candidate is running for any Precinct Officer position(s), all nominees for those positions can be elected by a voice vote of unanimous acclamation (or raising of hands).

Please help your Caucus Secretary remember to designate each person who was elected to serve as a Precinct Officer on your Sign-In Sheet.

Contested Precinct Officer Election(s)

If more than one person is nominated (and accepts the nomination) to serve in a single Precinct Officer role, then the election becomes "contested" unless/until sufficient persons withdraw such that only one nominee remains.

Nominees in contested elections may be afforded a brief opportunity to speak if desired, but the Caucus Chair has authority to set a time limit for so long as the same limitation is applied to all nominees.

Each candidate may be asked to the Caucus that they will serve if elected and will fulfill the responsibilities of the office.

Caucus participants must vote by secret ballot if there is more than one candidate running for a position. In which case Tellers, if any, will pass out ballots (or blank paper). Tellers must announce the results for Chair before opening nominations for Vice Chair, etc.

Please help your Caucus Secretary remember to designate each person who was elected to serve as a Precinct Officer on your Sign-In Sheet.