Precinct Officers are elected at each Precinct Caucus to serve a two-year term until the next Precinct Caucus.

They consist of a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.  One individual may serve in multiple roles, but in order to provide for appropriate succession planning it is highly recommended that the roles of Chair and Vice Chair and of Chair and Secretary be held by different people. 


The duties of Precinct Officers as established by units of the Republican Party may be minimal; but the opportunities for making a difference are plentiful.

Precinct Officers are expected to:

  • represent the Republican Party to the voters in their Precinct;
  • attend Precinct Officer leadership training;
  • work to ensure maximum attendance by Delegates and Alternates at SD45 Conventions;
  • support the Party and its candidates financially;
  • share ideas and potential projects for the SD45 Republicans to carry out its purpose;
  • recruit volunteers and assist candidates and the SD45 Republicans by helping with fundraising events, get-out-the-vote communications, door knocking, volunteer recruitment, and sign placement; and
  • encourage attendance and active participation at the next Precinct Caucus.

The Precinct Chair and Precinct Vice Chair have priority for attending an SD45 Full Committee meeting as representatives of their Precinct.

The Precinct Chair has priority for serving as Convener for the next Precinct Caucus and the Precinct Secretary has priority for serving as Caucus Secretary.

Precincts do not typically hold meetings outside of the biennial Precinct Caucuses. In the event the position of Chair is vacated, it is customary for the Vice Chair to fill that role for the remainder of the 2-year term.

The SD45 Republicans expect to reach out to newly elected and re-elected Precinct Officers promptly after Precinct Caucuses are completed both (1) in preparation for the coming BPOU Convention and (2) to understand what it can do to maximize their effectiveness for the duration of their term of service.