If YOU are unable to attend your precinct caucus on Tuesday, February 27, 2024, but would still like to be considered for election to serve as a Delegate or Alternate to BPOU conventions, then please provide your full legal name, home address, email and phone number and indicate your choices on the right. Advance absentee nominations of persons other than yourself are not possible and will not be accepted by any means.

By submitting this form, you personally attest each of the following:

  • I am eligible to vote in the next general election (November 5, 2024);
  • I live in the precinct;
  • I agree with the principles of the Republican Party of Minnesota; and
  • I will not participate in any other party or precinct's caucuses in 2024.

Please be prepared to respond to follow-up inquiries by or on behalf of The Senate District 45 Republicans, the designated Convener of your Precinct Caucus, or the current Chair of your Precinct.

If you wish to have a brief statement provided to the convener to read or present at the caucus, please send that information via an email to [email protected] with the subject line "Absentee Nomination", and include your full legal name and precinct in the body of the email.

If you prefer paper, please feel free to print and sign the Absentee Nomination Form (which must be signed by the absent person IN ADVANCE of Caucus Night) and arrange for someone who IS attending the caucus to deliver it for yo u.

Best of luck in getting elected!

INSTRUCTIONS: If you are already registered with the Senate District 45 Republicans (via this website), then you need only log in to this website and make your selections before submitting.  If you are new to sd45.org, then you will need to provide all of the details identified above. Failure to provide sufficient information to (a) confirm your geographic eligibility or (b) contact you if you are elected will nullify your nomination and any resulting election.




Will you sign up?