At each Precinct Caucus, Precinct Delegates and Alternates are elected to serve two-year terms until the next Precinct Caucus. Delegates and twice as many Alternates are allocated to each Precinct based on the number of votes that were cast in the Precinct for the Republican Party's endorsed candidate for Governor or President in the most recent completed general election.

Precinct Delegates represent their Precinct at their basic political organizing unit conventions and, in certain circumstances, other local unit conventions. Service as a delegate allows you to directly influence politics in your state Senate (45) and House (45A, 45B) districts through voting on candidate endorsements, electing party leadership and delegates and alternates for higher level (Congressional District and State) conventions, and changes to party rules.



  • Attend all conventions.
  • Educate yourself on the issues you will be voting on, including reviewing any materials provided in advance of a convention.
  • Work with Precinct and BPOU officers and volunteers to elect endorsed Republican candidates.
  • Recruit an Alternate to take your place if you are unable to attend any convention.
  • Support candidates and Republican Party units financially.
  • Assist candidates and your BPOU with fundraising events, get-out-the-vote communications, door knocking, volunteer recruitment, and sign placement.