Our Logistics Fund is dedicated exclusivity to critical technology expenses intended to bring our Senate District, House Districts, and every city, school board, and even individual Precincts up to speed.  Focus points include organization through databases and engagement platforms like NationBuilder and other tools that will enable each of us to be a more effective citizen voter than ever before.

Current priorities include covering essential expenses associated with:

  • Data requests and database access fees for identifying additional republican neighbors;
  • Coordination of SD45 efforts like contact management, door knocking and phone tree coordination;
  • Website hosting and engagement platforms;
  • Add-ons like "click here to email your legislator" and texting keywords; and
  • Search engine optimization; and
  • Other effective technology that YOU identify for us.

In short, the focus of the Logistics Fund is on getting things done and empowering each individual SD45 citizen and voter!


Let's Drive 45 Together!

Join us in donating just $10.00/month to our Logistics Fund. 

The Logistics Fund is dedicated exclusively to critical technology expenses to bring our BPOU up to speed with better organization and tools that will enable YOU to be a more effective citizen voter than ever before.Donate Now