Whether this will be your first BPOU convention or it's just been a while, we're looking forward to seeing you on April 6th!

If you're new to service as a Delegate or Alternate here's how you can prepare:

  1. Review the Convention Call - This will contain important information about the convention and deadlines for actions you may want to take in advance.
  2. Review the Call for Nominations - Learn about the open positions and the requirements for qualifying for the same.  
  3. Pre-Pay - Pay your registration fee in advance to save money and help us plan accordingly.
  4. Decide whether you plan to run for Delegate/Alternate for higher-level conventions. Submit your indication of interest to the Search/Nominations committee asap.
  5. Review the Proposed Agenda - Understand what will be happening.
  6. Review the Nominees - Understand who is seeking what endorsement or office and review their information in advance of being asked to vote at the convention.
  7. Review the Proposed Meeting Rules - Understand how the convention is proposed to function and know when and how to raise potential issues.
  8. Review the Proposed Resolutions - Come to the convention aware of the proposed resolutions and ready to vote for/against the slate or individual resolutions.

Feel free to email [email protected] or use our Contact Form with any questions you might have.  Good luck!