The Secretary of the Caucus is appointed by the Convener and serves the important role of recording important information during and immediately following the Precinct Caucus. The Secretary of the Caucus may be selected and trained in advance or could simply be a willing person who steps up to the role at the Precinct Caucus at the request of the Convener.

The Secretary of the Caucus is separate from the Secretary of the Precinct, which is elected at the Precinct Caucus and serves a two-year term.

In exigent circumstances (i.e., no one else is willing to fill the role), the Convener may also serve as Secretary of the Caucus, but that is asking a lot from one individual!


Before The Caucus
  1. Review the material in the Caucus Packet.
  2. Please arrive early (by 6:00 PM) and assist the Caucus Convener with setup.
  1. See that all registration materials are laid out before attendees begin to arrive.
  2. Watch carefully to see that all registration forms are filled out accurately and legibly. Remind attendees to PRINT their contact information, including their email. Clarify any information that is incomplete or difficult to read.
During The Caucus 
  1. After election of Delegates & Alternates, record those who were elected on the attendee sign in form to the right of the person’s name.
  2. Record  Precinct Officers who were elected in the space provided on the attendee sign-in form to the right of the person’s name.
  3. Record the times and total numbers of attendees, delegates, and observers on first page of the attendee sign-in form.
  4. Collect all resolution forms. Be sure that each is marked pass or fail.
  5. Sign your name where designated on all forms.
  6. Collect all materials, place them in the envelope and give them to the Convener or Chair other person so designated by the Caucus Coordinator to collect all the forms at the end of the night.
  7. Assist with cleanup. Erase any blackboards/whiteboards used and restore all furniture back as it was at the beginning of the night.
  8. Bask in the glory of your role in a job well done!