The Caucus Chair is elected during the Precinct Caucus as soon as possible after covering introductory business.

It is also referred to as the "Permanent Chair" even though their responsibilities and authority terminate after the Precinct Caucus is completed and all documentation is turned in to the basic political operating unit (BPOU) (e.g., the SD45 Republicans).

The Convener is not automatically elected to serve as the Caucus Chair of the Caucus, but we encourage each Caucus to elect the Convener to that role to help carry out the business purposes of the Caucus most efficiently.

The Caucus Chair is distinct from the Precinct Chair, which is elected later in the Precinct Caucus and serves a two-year term.

A Caucus Chair does not need to reside in the applicable Precinct, but should satisfy all requirements for participation in a Precinct Caucuses generally.