Each Minnesota Precinct Caucus must be conducted in the manner provided in Minn. Stat. §§ 202A.14 to 202A.19.

It is our expectation that every Precinct within Senate District 45 will hold its Caucus in an open, friendly, and legal manner so that the opportunity to express a point of view is available to everyone.


To be eligible to participate in a Republican Precinct Caucus, you must meet the qualifications as outlined in the Bylaws of the Republican Party of Minnesota, namely:

  1. Only those individuals who are or will be eligible to vote at the time of the next state general election (November 5, 2024) may vote, or be elected a delegate, alternate, or officer.
  2. An individual may vote or be elected delegate, alternate, or an officer only in the precinct where such person resides at the time of the caucus.
  3. A person must be in agreement with the principles of the Republican Party of Minnesota as stated in its Constitution and Bylaws.
  4. A person must have either vote or affiliated with the Republican Party in the last state general election, or intend to vote or affiliate with the Party in the next state general election.
  5. A person may only participate in a single party's caucus in a given year.

In case the right of a person to participate in any caucus is challenged, the question of the right to participate will be decided by a vote of that caucus. A person so challenged may not vote on the question of their right to participate.


Like any other person present at the Caucus, all observers must sign in on the precinct attendee sign in sheet. Observers cannot participate in a caucus. If any observer disrupts the official business of the caucus, then they will be asked to leave.

A Convener has authority to instruct observers who are not eligible to participate in the caucus sit in a specified location in the room.

Students who will be 18 on or before November 5, 2024, can participate fully and are not restricted to observer status even if they are "observing" the Precinct Caucus for course credit.