To be eligible to participate in a Precinct Caucus, a person must meed the qualifications as outlined in the Bylaws of the Republican Party of Minnesota, namely:

  1. You must be (or will be) eligible to vote at the time of the next state general election;
  2. You must reside in the precinct at the time of the Precinct Caucus (click here to confirm your precinct by address);
  3. You must be in agreement with the principles of the Republican Party of Minnesota as stated in its Constitution & Bylaws;
  4. You must either: (a) have voted or affiliated with the Republican Party in the last general election or (b) intent to vote or affiliate with the Republican Party in the next general election; and
  5. You must not have participated in, or intent to participate in, any other party's precinct caucus in the same year.

In case the right of a person to participate in a Caucus is challenged, the question of the right to participate will be decided by a vote of the this caucus. A person so challenged may not vote on the question of their right to participate. If the challenge is approved by a majority vote, then the person becomes an Observer and cannot vote or speak for the remainder of the caucus.

"Participation" in a Precinct Caucus includes, but is not limited to:

  • Seeking nomination/election to serve as Caucus Chair or Caucus Secretary;
  • Seeking nomination/election to serve in any Precinct Officer role;
  • Submitting resolutions;
  • Speaking for or against any candidate or matter;
  • Distributing materials; and
  • Making inquiries of the Caucus Chair or Secretary.

All Eligible Participants are encouraged to log in and RSVP for for Caucuses as soon as possible. Even if you RSVP in advance, you should confirm your information and sign the registration sheet at your Precinct Caucus Venue.