We have an envelope for contributions. SD45 would appreciate your pocket change or a bill or two, or a check made out to “45th Senate District RPM.”

Your contributions tonight will help cover caucus expenses and help support our efforts and candidates.

The State of Minnesota also has a Political Contribution Refund, or PCR, program where each voter can be reimbursed up to $75 per calendar year for a contribution to a state candidate, BPOU, or the Party.

Please take a minute to look over the PCR form, and carefully consider whether you can donate $75 tonight and be reimbursed in a few weeks. If you can donate tonight, complete the bottom portion of the PCR form, detach it, and drop it in the envelope with your donation. Legally, donations equal to or greater than $20 are not allowed to be taken anonymously.

Additionally, there are boxes in the Commons for each Presidential Candidate appearing on the Minnesota Presidential Primary Ballot with an active campaign, you may express your preference by putting a dollar or two in the box for your preferred candidate.