The Senate District 45 Republicans will hold its 2023 Convention at the
Providence Academy Performing Arts Center

15100 Schmidt Lake Road, Plymouth, MN 55446
March 11, 2023

9:00 AM Doors & Registration Open 

Please watch this site for additional information regarding plans for community involvement, delegate and alternate pre-registration, guests, featured speakers, and important notices and documents.


Delegates, Alternates and Guests are invited to join us at 10:00 AM to hear from:

Kendall and Sheila Qualls 

Known by many for their TakeCharge initiative, which champions national re-engagement with traditional family values, Kendall and Sheila have been married for 37 years.

Kendall is a former gubernatorial candidate, Fortune 100 executive and army officer.

Sheila is a professional writer, coach, and national speaker. She blogs and is an award-winning journalist and editor. Recently her work has been published by major news outlets and blogs.

Previewing his talk, Shoring up the Republican Brand, Mr. Qualls said, “For 150 years, the American people have fled to Republican-run states. It doesn’t matter if a governor was from the North or the South – people voted with their feet for liberty, religious freedom, prosperity. …Where people are going to, it’s Republican-run states. People vote with their feet. We need to get them to vote where they live by providing (compelling) candidates – Lincoln, Reagan, Ulysses S. Grant. We need to recruit candidates who have broad appeal. Most Americans are there (in agreement with Republican Party’s values). Our principles are there.”

Mrs. Qualls will take an unflinching look at the critical decline in America’s education with Scandal in Our Schools. “Our public school system is seriously crumbling right before our eyes. Many parents don’t even know what’s going on – through ignorance or denial. It’s parents who should be making decisions about what’s being taught,” she said. “Education costs more and more money to get worse results. They’re ruining our children, and our country. It’s the destruction of society. Many teachers don’t even know what they’re teaching because they have come up through the system.”



Call for Nominations

Call for Nominations

The Search/Nomination Committee has prepared a summary of important details for potential candidates for election at the Convention to serve as an Executive Committee Officer or State Central Committee Delegate.

Please review this document asap if you are interested in seeking election to any position.

Convention Call

Convention Call

The Convention Call is the official notice of time, date, location, and business to be conducted at the Convention. It was first dispatched by email to Delegates and Alternates on February 21, 2023.

Please review this document asap if you are a Delegate or Alternate.

Meeting Rules

Proposed standing rules for the 2023 Convention.


Information regarding the results of the Search/Nomination Committee's work.

All Nominations were due by February 28, 2023.

Convention Agenda

The Program/Arrangements Committee is expected to propose adoption of the Convention Program (Order of Business) as posted here.